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Anker Group takes pride in the range and quality of its woodwork. We have on our staff carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers which enable us to confidently undertake virtually any type of new or reconstructive projects.

Our carpentry and joinery section incorporates the traditional skills of shipwrights and have particular expertise in designing and laying teak decks using only first quality naturally dried Burma teak and appropriate caulking to suit variations in climatic conditions.

In conjunction with our cabinet makers we have redesigned and built complete saloons, heads and all necessary furniture for a number of notable power boats and yachts. 

Teak Deck

We as Anker Group team have been manufacturing teak decks in the pre-fabricated manner for over 10 years. We have an unquestionable understanding of the requirements of a modern teak deck coupled with the skill base that has hand laid decks in the traditional manner. Using modern manufacturing processes including CNC cutting and Digital measuring alongside traditional styling and craftsmanship enable us to produce a Teak Deck that looks correct, fits correctly and will last longer. 

Our teams are dedicated to providing a quality product and service that will ensure all our customers feel safe in the knowledge they have an Anker Group Deck on their Boat.

Recent projects include;

  • Teak Decks. (Construction; replacement; resealing and repair.)
  • Flying bridge construction
  • Cabinets
  • Interior wood surfacing applications
  • Joinery work
  • Exterior and interior repairs and modifications
  • Hull frames and stringers repaired or replaced


Anker Group offers quality boat cabinet repair and replacement. The cabinets in your boat provide more than just storage space. They create the look and feel of comfort and elegance and can become the centrepiece of your yacht's galley or stateroom.

We use only the finest materials available when we build custom cabinets. Our quality craftsmanship combined with these materials produces a custom look you won't find anywhere else. 

We can custom build or repair just about any marine grade or yacht cabinet application. 

Interior & Exterior

Marine Carpentry              

We can perform everything from manufacturing to all kinds of renovations and repairs of your boats interior. 

Our employees holds extensive experience and knowledge of boat building, complemented by a high degree of innovation and creativity, and will make every effort to meet your vishes and demands.


  • Marin carpentry of all kinds
  • Varnish of all kinds of details of your boat
  • Interior varnish repair
  • Rebuildings and renovations of interior and exterior
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