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Periodical Maintenance

Looking After

We offer you our uncomplicated and reasonable “Looking after” service for your boat.

Instead, to start your holiday on board with work, Anker Group is giving you the opportunity to start your vacation with a complete “Ready to go” boat. We can offer you from a complete “All inclusive” contract, including every Looking-after and service work that your boat needs, over reasonable priced and especially to your particular needs designed “Looking-after” contracts, until a reduced “Winter-service” contract.

Battery Services


Boat Cleaning

Anker Group comprises of an all in one soapy wash/wax/rinse of the whole exterior of the boat down to the waterline. Deck scrub, deck lockers cleaned, teak cleaned and rinse, chamois dry of external windows and stainless. A dinghy is used to clean waterline build up and any area not accessible from the marina.

Front to back visual checks of the fenders, lines, theft, Wear and tear etc., and any problems reported back to you immediately.

Sail Cleaning

We clean sails, covers, and more. We safely remove mildew, green algae, rust, and dirt.

All work is professionally done by hand—no machines or scrubbers—and is absolutely safe for all types of sails and covers.

Cushions Cleaning

No need to worry about where to store your cushions. We will thoroughly clean your cushions and if desired, repair, mend or replace foam. Store them in a clean, dry warehouse and have them ready for pick-up or delivery the week you want them in the Spring.

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