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Painting & Varnish

The dedicated and knowledgeable staff in our paint and fiberglass section is ready to help maintain the integrity and value of your boat.

Painting with the right degree of preparation not only improves the aesthetic appeal of a boat but is also vital to the protection of its structure.   Technical advances in paint manufacture makes it possible to create a paint programme which delivers the necessary protection and conforms to the designated requirments of the client.

At AMS our painters have been schooled by major paint produces such as International and Awl grip which ensures that they fully understand the properties of modern paints and can therefore advise clients of the appropriate combination to meet stated objectives.

Whether the boat is constucted of steel, fiberglass, wood or aluminum  each have specific paint problems which must be understood and addressed to ensure a perfect finish. Anker Marina Services offers superior Awl grip and international  coating services.

Our staff is expert at color matching and touch ups, as well as complete refinishing including fairing and proper preparation work.

With over a decade of service we have completed a myriad of refinishing projects on boat of all sizes and styles. Besides topsides refinishing AMS also completes Awlgrip work on mast booms and other miscellaneous parts.

Our Painting shop allows boat owners to choose the brand of suppliers for proper finishing and procedure that these products require. We also maintain close working relationship with the technical staff understanding the properties of the products we use to attain the finish we know our clients except.

Awl-Grip Paints

Our paint and fiberglass crew can handle all types of fiberglass repairs. From minor scratches to complete Awlgrip painting, we can handle any job. 

Services Offered

  • Full re-paint
  • Awl-grip
  • Gel Coat repairs
  • Major hull and keel repairs



Anker Group can offer you a complete varnishing service.  This can include the brightwork on the deck to the varnishing of a superstructure on all types of vessels. Whether you’ve decided to varnish the interior or the exterior we have the capability to handle your requests.

Varnish that is not maintained on a boat will damage and flake easily as a result of the suns harsh UV rays.  When boats do not regularly keep on top of varnishing a much more extensive job is required and would involve stripping the wood right back before an application of varnish can be painted.

Osmosis Repair

Simply put, osmosis is the process of water migrating through the gel coat and into the fiberglass laminate, creating blisters that swell up, needing repair. Osmosis repair starts with removal of the gel coat, usually over the entire bottom, but sometimes only on the effected area’s. The hull is checked for dryness, and a epoxy barrier coating is applied before the finish coats. Since this can be an expensive procedure you want to make sure the job is done right the first time. 

Anker Group specialise in Osmosis Repairs. Using the latest technology and processes we regularly perform osmosis repairs of GRP. With over 10 years experience and a highly skilled team we can perform any kind of Osmosis repair from a small blister to an entire hull peel and re-glass outer layer.

Gelcoat Repairs

Over time, the gelcoat finish covering your boat’s fiberglass shell may lose its luster.  Primarily for cosmetic appeal, the gelcoat may become damaged in a collision or when exposed to sunlight over prolonged periods of time, causing your boat to lose its brilliant colours and showroom finish.

Anker Group provides gelcoat refinishing and repair services on all manner of watercraft.  Whether caused naturally by the elements or damaged in an accident or collision, our skilled watercraft repair technicians will restore your boat's gelcoat to its original condition.  

Gelcoat Repair Services:

  • Gelcoat Repair
  • Gelcoat Restoration
  • Gelcoat Refinishing
  • Gelcoat Colour Matching
  • Gelcoat Buffing & Polishing

Our knowledge of proper repair procedures is invaluable, saving our customers both time and money.   We understand that you have a schedule and places to go, which is why we work closely with you, your insurance company, and factory suppliers to make sure your boat or watercraft is repaired and back on the water as soon as possible.


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